Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lawry's Tokyo

Power lunch in Akasaka - Lawry's salad and soup bar followed by beef rib curry plate, finished with a tiny portion of creamy panna cotta and coffee (forgot to take a picture of the panna cotta because usually it goes directly into my tummy as soon as it's on the table). The rib curry plate is 1800 yen (~$20) and includes the salad bar, dessert and coffee. You can also just get the salad bar, which also comes with dessert and coffee for 1300 yen (~$15).

Make your own salad: mine consisted of a little bit of lettuce topped with potato salad, Lawry's corned beef (the stuff that looks like tuna on the right), corn, chick peas, olives, roasted kabocha squash and sundried tomatoes. Sometimes they also have little toasts with foie gras mousse - divine!

Beef rib curry - a gigantic, falling-off-the-bone-tender rib similar to Korean galbi jjim, decent curry (I'm not the biggest fan of any curry that's not Thai or Indian)

Food rating: *** and a half
Bang for buck rating: 4 (for lunch only)

The essentials:
Location: Akasaka Twin Towers building, Akasaka, Tokyo
Average price for meal for two (lunch): 3500 yen (~$40)

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