Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Da Dong Restaurant

When it comes to Peking duck in my life, there's the BC period and the AD period. BC: Before China. Prior to visiting Beijing, I had never been a huge fan of Peking duck. I liked the flour pancakes and the hoisin sauce, but I preferred mushu chicken to Peking duck, which I found dry yet too fatty all at once.

AD: After Da Dong. My meals at Da Dong changed everything I previously thought about Peking duck.

The Peking duck at Da Dong consists of a duck roasted over an open flame, creating the crispiest skin you can imagine, with tender, juicy yet lean duck meat. A chef slices the duck tableside, which is served with housemade flour pancakes and a gourmet assortment of accoutrements. So delicious, truly.

Da Dong also has an impressive, extensive menu of modern Chinese and international cuisine. Whatever else you order, an order of the Peking duck is an absolute must - after all, that's really the main reason anyone goes to Da Dong, although I would also make a trip to Da Dong just for the black sesame filled dumplings in cold coconut soup dessert. Make sure you visit Da Dong on your first day in Beijing, as you'll want to go again before your trip is over!

Chef cutting our duck

Da Dong's Peking duck and accoutrements

Tofu two ways

Sesame dumpling in coconut soup dessert - beautifully presented with steaming dry ice

A mouthful of pure deliciousness

Food rating: **** and a half
Bang for buck rating: 4.5

The essentials:
Location: 1-2/F , Nanxincang Int'l Building, A22, Dongsi Shitiao, Beijing, China
Average price of meal for two: $30

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