Friday, November 6, 2009

Hainan Chifan

Everyone I know just calls this place the Singaporean chicken rice place, but they offer much more than Hainanese chicken rice, which I still haven't tried. Their roti canai is quite good, even though their roti is a bit thicker and not as papery-whispery thin-yet-still-crispy-chewy at the same time as the kind I usually like. Their stir fried pea sprouts in fish sauce is delicious with a little kick from the diced red chili peppers they throw in. Their beef rendang is thick and pungent. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of these dishes. But I do have a picture of the laksa noodles I had for lunch recently, a steal at 850 yen (~$9). It's not quite like the laksas I had in Singapore, which have more of a coconuty-fishy-spicy flavor. Hainan Chifan's version is more peanuty than coconuty, lacks the fishy flavor and is not very spicy at all, but in its own strange way, is really satisfying.

Food rating: ***
Bang for buck rating: 3.5

The essentials:
Location: main location in Azabu Juban, right behind Roppongi Hills Gate Tower/Tsutaya, but another location in Akasaka Biz Tower
Average price of meal for two (dinner): 5000 yen (~$55)

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