Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Motoyama Milk Bar

One thing I absolutely adore about Tokyo is that it's a city where a Milk Bar can exist. Imagine a store that sells overpriced milk products trying to survive in a city like SF, where even truly great restaurants rarely survive. It would never happen. (However, Momofuku Milk Bar in NY seems to be doing ok, although clearly they can't get by just selling milk products and sell a wide array of baked goods as well) But Tokyo? It just seems so natural that it would be host to a Milk Bar. Being the lover of all things milk, yogurt, cream and cheese that I am, a Milk Bar sounds like some kind of fairytale locale (such as a house made of gingerbread) that can't really exist in real life. But Motoyama Milk Bar is for real and it really sells (mostly) milk products: a special milk pudding that I can only describe as the creamiest yet light as air flan you can imagine, milk ice cream, milk parfaits, milkshakes, milk cocktails and hot or cold milk in flavors ranging from green tea to caramel to maple.

I've passed by Motoyama Milk Bar at least 100 times and always think "ooh I want to try that" and somehow only got around to it today after a delicious meal at Pinkotona, a conveyer belt sushi joint in the basement of Roppongi Hills (where I completely forgot to take pictures of the delicious chu toro, uni, aburi salmon, botan ebi, anago and other delicacies we scarfed down for lunch).

As much as I like the idea of a Milk Bar, I have to say that I can't wholeheartedly recommend Motoyama Milk Bar because it didn't blow me away. And it's really really expensive...for milk. 680 yen (~$7) for a cup of warm flavored milk?? I can get an entire bento lunch for cheaper than that. We shared their special Motoyama Milk Waffle, a light, crispy waffle (the lightest waffle I have ever had in my life) covered with milk ice cream, a small portion of Motoyama's special milk pudding, whipped cream, fresh fruit and raspberry coulis. It was good - a surprisingly very light dessert despite how indulgent it sounds and looks. But again..1200 yen (~$14) for a waffle??

Food rating: ***
Bang for buck rating: 2

The essentials:
Location: ground floor of Roppongi Hills, on Roppongi-dori
Average price of dessert for two: 2300 yen (~$25)

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