Sunday, March 28, 2010


So many websites and travel books recommend Gonpachi that I would like to offer an alternative viewpoint: Gonpachi is overrated and mediocre, don't go there.

I have no photos from Gonpachi because I've never been impressed enough by the food to merit taking any photos, and I don't ever plan to go again because there are too many great restaurants in Tokyo to waste my time going back to Gonpachi (I've been 3X and was not impressed on any of the visits). Depending on which floor you go to, Gonpachi serves sushi, tempura, soba and various grilled items on skewers. You can find better sushi, tempura, soba and skewer places within a ten minute radius of Gonpachi, I promise.

I don't understand why people go, except that the warehouse-style restaurant at Nishi-Azabu crossing was the inspiration for Kill Bill. Honestly...who cares?! A restaurant is only worth visiting if the food is delicious.

Food rating: **
Bang for buck rating: 2

The essentials:
Location: various, but the one of Kill Bill fame is on one corner of Nishi Azabu crossing
Average price of dinner for two (without drinks): 8000 yen (~$90)

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