Sunday, March 28, 2010

Seoul Ddookbbaegi

A friend recently introduced me to a rarity in Tokyo: a Korean restaurant that serves FREE banchan (side dishes). That alone is reason to visit Seoul Ddookbbaegi, on the ground floor of the same building occupied by Hyungboo Shikdang, another one of my favorite Korean restaurants in Tokyo. But here are a few more reasons: the banchan is delicious, the kimchi is delicious, and the seollungtang (beef bone soup) is delicious. Seollungtang is especially good to prevent or cure a hangover, so if you're out late drinking or partying in the Akasaka area, head over to Seoul Ddookbbaegi for a delicious bowl of steaming, satisfying seollungtang.

Seollungtang - beef bone soup, the best hangover cure!

Free and delicious side dishes!

Sign is only in Korean

Food rating: *** and a half
Bang for buck rating: 3.5

The essentials:
No website
Location: 2-13-17 Shintomi Bldg, Akasaka, Minato-ku
Average price of dinner for two: 3000 yen (~$33)


  1. Found your blog through Chowhound, and thrilled to see you reviewing places in Akasaka! I walk by this restaurant every day and had no idea - will try.
    What do you rec at Hyungboo Shikdang?

  2. PK - sorry for the delayed response! It's hard to go wrong at Hyungboo, but I especially like their galbi as it is perfectly marinated without being too sweet or salty, and the meat is tender and juicy. Their jijimis are also all very tasty and they have a "fusion" version with cheese on top (which you may or may not like - I personally like to stick to traditional Korean food). Their most delicious offering is offered free to every diner: the gut-ju-ri (non-fermented, fresh kimchi)!