Saturday, April 3, 2010


After an Indonesian ex-patriate friend living in Tokyo recommended Cabe with rave reviews, a friend and I decided to make the trek. We had spent a week in Bali in late 2009 and fallen in love with the flavorful cuisine, especially the simple but delicious nasi goreng (Indonesian fried rice)! Good ethnic food (meaning non-Japanese) can be hard to find in Tokyo, Michelin-starred French and Italian notwithstanding, so Cabe is a rare jewel - a truly authentic, full-flavor Indonesian restaurant specializing in Javanese and Balinese cuisine.

(PS - I'm told the best dishes are actually off the menu and have to be ordered in Indonesian)

Nasi goreng with heart-shaped fried egg (you can feel the love put into this dish!)

Sauteed veggies (sorry, can't remember the name!)

Food rating: *** and a half
Bang for buck rating: 4

The essentials:
Location: 2F Barbizon Building 48 3-12-7 Meguro, Tokyo
Average price of dinner for two: 4000 yen (~$45)

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