Saturday, April 3, 2010

Gion Fukuzumi

Gion Fukuzumi is a moderately priced ryokan-hotel (I call it ryokan-hotel because it's not a small ryokan with only a few rooms but rather a hotel type building with 6 floors and many rooms and has the institutional feel of a small hotel) in the Gion area of Kyoto, at the foot of Chion-In Temple. The ryokan itself is unspectacular - your basic tatami room (some with views of the mountains), shared onsen (very basic, more like a big bathtub) and inclusive kaiseki dinner and Japanese-style breakfast. However, it's good value for Kyoto or a first-time ryokan experience (about 15,000 per person including dinner and breakfast, but prices are higher during weekends, holidays and certain other periods), and the kaiseki dinner was surprisingly delicious and beautifully presented.

Sakura wine with assorted appetizers

Sashimi course

Yuba in broth

Gorgeous presentation


Sakura-flavored dish made with glutinous rice, in dashi broth

Squid and shrimp in gelee with shiso leaf

Gohan course - shaped onigiri with black sesame and sakura, served with tsukemono (pickles), tamago and stewed chicken

Dessert - green tea jelly topped with red bean and sakura ice cream

Food rating: ****
Bang for buck rating: 3.5

The essentials:
Location: Higashi-oji Shimbashi, in Gion, Kyoto
Average price of stay per person (per night, includes dinner and breakfast): 15,750 yen

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